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Octupus 3D model made with 3D studio max V8, Also available in OBJ format.
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The model in max version is RIGGED and ANIMATED.

Octopuses, or spruce - the most famous detachment of cephalopod mollusks. The typical octopuses described in this article are representatives of the sub-order Incirrina, demersal animals. But some representatives of this suborder and all species of the second suborder of Cirrina are pelagic animals living in the water column, and many of them are found only at great depths. The science that studies octopus and other cephalopod mollusks is called teutology.

The body of the octopus 3D model is short, soft, oval at the back. The oral opening is located in the place where its tentacles meet, and the anus opens under the mantle. The mantle resembles a wrinkled leather bag. The mouth of the octopus is equipped with two powerful jaws, similar to the beak of a parrot. In the throat there is a grater (radala), which grinds food.

The head carries eight long tentacles - "hands". "Hands" are interconnected by a thin membrane and have from one to three rows of suction cups. On all eight tentacles of an adult octopus there are about 2000 of them, each of which has a holding force of about 100 g, and, unlike man-made, octopus suckers require efforts to hold and not to suck, that is, they are only held by muscle effort.

The octopus has three hearts: one (the main thing) drives blue blood all over the body, and the other two - gill push the blood through the gills.

Some octopus species are poisonous. Blue-ringed octopuses (several species of the genus Hapalochlaena; English Blue-ringed octopus) that inhabit the western shores of the Pacific Ocean are among the most poisonous animals in the world.

Octopuses have an unusual ability - due to the lack of a skeleton, they can change shape. For example, some octopuses during the hunt are flattened at the bottom, masquerading as flounder. The ability of octopuses to penetrate surprisingly small holes is known.

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Published on: February 13, 2011