Wavefront (.obj)

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OBJ is a format for geometry description files developed by Wavefront Technologies for their Advanced Visualizer animation package. The file format is open and has been accepted by other developers of 3D graphics applications. It can be exported / imported to e-Frontier’s Poser, Maya, XSI, Blender, MeshLab, Misfit Model 3D, 3D Studio Max and Rhinoceros 3D, Hexagon, CATIA, Newtek Lightwave, Art of Illusion, milkshape 3d, Modo, Cinema 4D, Zanoza Modeller, PC LIRA, Mineways, etc. For the most part this is a common format.
The OBJ file format is a simple data format that contains only 3D geometry, namely, the position of each vertex, the relationship of the texture coordinates to the vertex, the normal for each vertex, and the parameters that the polygons create.
The lines starting with the grid (#) are comments:
 “# This is a comment”
OBJ is one of the most popular transmission formats for 3-dimensional computer geometry. Information about the appearance of objects (materials) is transmitted in satellite files in the format MTL (Material Library). OBJ, if necessary, refers to such a file using the directive:
 “mtllib [external MTL file name]”
MTL is the standard set by Wavefront Technologies. All information is presented in ASCII form and is absolutely readable for humans. The MTL standard is also very popular and is supported by most packages for working with 3D graphics.


The string starting with f is the Surface index. Each surface (polygon) can consist of three or more vertices.
Indexing starts with the first element, and not with the zero, as is customary in some programming languages, also the indexing can be negative. A negative index indicates the position relative to the last element (index -1 indicates the last element).

Vertices / Textural coordinates

Along with the vertices, the corresponding texture coordinate indices can be stored.

Vertices / Textural coordinates / Normal

It is also possible to store the corresponding normals.

Vertices / Normal

In the absence of data on texture coordinates, an entry with skip texture indexes is acceptable.