Yin Yang Sign 3D Model (blend obj)

3D Model by Reticulum

Yin Yang simbol. Originally created in Blender3d 2.5 and exported to .obj

There are 4 textures (diffuse+bump):
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Yin and yang 3d model - the stage of the initial cosmogenesis in the view of Chinese philosophy, the acquisition of the two divisions by the greatest separation. Graphically denoted by the appearance of two opposites of two different colors - light and dark.

In the "Book of Changes" ("I Ching"), yang and yin served to express light and dark, hard and soft. In the development of Chinese philosophy, yang and yin increasingly symbolized the interaction of extreme opposites: light and darkness, day and night, sun and moon, sky and earth, heat and cold, positive and negative, even and odd, etc. Extremely abstract meaning Yin-Yang was obtained in the speculative schemes of neo-Confucianism, especially in the doctrine of "Li" - the absolute law. The concept of the interaction of the polar forces of yin-yang, which are considered as the main cosmic forces of the movement, as the root causes of constant variability in nature, is the main content of most dialectical schemes of Chinese philosophers. The doctrine of the dualism of the forces of yin-yang is an indispensable element of dialectical constructions in Chinese philosophy. In V-III centuries. BC er in ancient China there was a philosophical school of yin yang jia. Ideas about yin-yang also found diverse applications in the development of the theoretical foundations of Chinese medicine, chemistry, music, etc.

Opened in China several thousand years ago, this principle was originally based on physical thinking. However, as it developed, it became a more metaphysical concept. In the Japanese philosophy, the physical approach is preserved; therefore, the division of objects according to yin and yang properties is different for the Chinese and the Japanese. In the Novo-Japanese religion, oomoto-ke is a concept of the divine Izu (fire, yo) and Mizu (water, in).

A single primordial matter of Tai Chi generates two opposing substances, yang and yin, which are one and indivisible. Initially, “yin” meant “northern, shady”, and “yang” - “southern, sunny mountainside”. Later, yin was perceived as negative, cold, dark and feminine, and yang - as positive, bright, warm and masculine. Buy Yin Yang Sign 3D model on Flatpyramid.

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Published on: June 5, 2011