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3D Model by kanhtart

Building 320 3D model

High detailed 3d building.
Previews were rendered with vray mat and light.
The file has all lightning setup and texturing

Reading classified ads, scholarly or popular magazines, many interviews

residents gathered or consulted are going in the same direction. What is attractive and interesting

for a certain avant-garde, can be disturbing, mysterious, illegible and sometimes

unspeakable or outrageously provocative for the general public. Random and without

Hierarchy: deconstruction of elements, showing the bowels of a building to

the image of the Center Pompidou of Piano and Rogers, to show the traces of the work as

if it was in progress and therefore "not finished" (in the ordinary sense of "to finish"), to leave the surfaces

lacerated or raw instead of smoothing them, etc. All this aesthetics is rejected by a majority,

just like what is perceived as a free gesture, for example, the symbolic spaces

not useful. Harmony, the beauty of unity, the smooth, the useful, the traces of known history

for this non-specialist public of art and architecture, safer values,

on which he can give his opinion, tell his taste. The architectural avant-garde and the opinion

The banal inhabitants would, therefore, return to bundles of inverted values. What about

our interviewees when it comes to evoking, at first, architectural spaces

in which they lived?

It seems that they evoke architecture by the band. They are able to talk about subjects,

decorations (such as decorating magazines) and sometimes styles (like the history of styles) or

light (for reasons of use), but very rarely the overall structure of a building

or its spatiality. They are generally poor enough to discuss the reasons for their rejections or

their preferences. Most do not have the right vocabulary and sometimes apologize for it. And when

the interviewer suggests an explanation from what they have expressed, some take it immediately,

perhaps because they are waiting for a conceptual analysis framework: a proposed term will be repeated

as if a new language resource could perceive a spatial reality not

expressible and invisible before. The learned language frameworks seem to have moved away from their

perception of the spatial register. One could thus explain some silences in front of buildings

incomprehensible and "illegible" for lack of adequate tools to express a thought. This idea that

building may not be "like nothing" for lack of an adequate lexicon and culture, and what

be its intrinsic "qualities" of use, of façade design

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  • Vertices749812
  • Polygons852688
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsYes
  • RiggedNo
  • TexturesYes
  • File-formats3D Studio Max file (.max)
  • PluginsV-Ray
  • NID29139
3D Model ID: 196233

Published on: March 6, 2012
Artist kanhtart