Buildings 3D Models

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On FlatPyramid you will find a large collection of 3D buildings.

This section contains 3D models of small and big houses, modern cottages, various buildings and structures. You can download models of country villas and residences, private houses and mansions. You can find urban architectural forms, multi-storey buildings, shops, offices, shopping centers, railway stations, residential and industrial buildings, factories, enterprises. Also there are farm houses and buildings, barns. In addition, in the category you can find 3d models of real-life houses and buildings.

The models are presented in various formats: max, vray, 3ds, obj, c4d, blender and others, with textures and without.

You can use them to create city, for games and advertising, for animation and trees vehicles.

Building, synonym: a house is a type of ground building with premises created as a result of construction activities in order to carry out certain consumer functions, such as living (housing), economic or other activities of people, placement of production, storage of products or keeping animals. The building includes engineering support networks and engineering support systems (equipment). The building may also have operating facilities in the underground part. A structure that does not have an aerial part is not a building.

In the scientific and technical literature, the combination of the words “buildings and structures” is often used. In this combination, “building structures” are understood to mean “other building structures that are not buildings,” for example, engineering structures (bridges, chimneys, masts, radio and television towers, etc.), underground structures (tunnels, underground metro structures, shelters and more), memorial and architectural structures.

Commercial buildings – used for doing business (sales, etc.). This building category may, in particular, include the following subgroups:

administrative buildings – in this case, buildings for the offices of commercial organizations and institutions;

shopping – buildings (shopping centers, megamalls, pavilions) for the placement of trading enterprises (shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets);
exhibition – buildings for exhibitions in the interests of commercial organizations participating in the exhibitions, as well as for conducting the exhibition business, that is, the business of providing premises for exhibitions;

commercial production – buildings for the location of commercial production (factories, factories), that is, used by production commercial organizations for the production of certain products for sale.
auxiliary – buildings for various auxiliary services (for example, garages for corporate vehicles), providing the main activities of the organization-owner.

Commercial buildings often combine various of these functions. In particular, there are quite a lot of retail and office buildings used both for the location of trading enterprises and for the placement of offices (primarily front offices).