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Restaurant 0852 3D Model in max Detailed dining scene.
Rendered using vray (required).

The restaurant is a business of preparing and serving the food and drinks to the customers. It can be classified and distinguished in various ways. The first one is the food vegetarian, seafood or steak, which can further be classified into its cuisines like Italian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Mexican, etc. Moreover, restaurants are also categorized according to their servings like a bar for drinks, several dishes buffet, fast food, etc.

When we talk about luxury, you will find various restaurants, which are not only known for their food, but also for their services. Most western country’s restaurants serve alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine. And some of them serve all of the major meals such as breakfast lunch and dinner. Other restaurants may serve you only one food like cafeterias, which majorly serves coffee and soft beverages. The word restaurant was first used in the 18th century, which was used for a public venue where one can sit and enjoy his/her food.

The FlatPyramid has come up with the 3D model of Restaurant. Our team has gone through all the details to match all the accuracy, high quality, and exact measurements to make a 3D model of Restaurant. Moreover, the model is made up of the real prototype. The models are rendered in the highest quality to give you high quality. So that you won’t miss any factor while using it any of your visualization processes.

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Published on: December 10, 2011