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Architecture is both a science and art of a building. It is as well as a system of buildings and scenes that form a spatial environment for the lives and activities of people in accordance with the laws of beauty. At the present stage of human development, architecture is one and the same (plants) that can be manufactured, factories, power plants, etc.) and the material means of human society (civil architecture – residential buildings, public buildings, etc.).

Functional, constructive and aesthetic qualities of architecture and the benefits, strength, and beauty, are closely interrelated. In the design department, the aesthetics of works of architecture is largely dependent. The building needs to be strong but also should look sturdy. Excess material, on the contrary, gives an impression of overweight. The visual insufficiency of the material is associated with instability, insecurity, and causes negative emotions in the majority of cases. Functional recognition of a building in 3D modeling is determined by its type, depending on which the means of creating a certain artistic appearance are chosen. The latter is created using the means of architectural composition. The medium of its basic means is architectonics, scale, proportions and rhythmic relationships, plastic, texture, and colors. Usually, scene 3D models have a number of specific features and professional 3D artists follow them step by step.