Skyscraper Office Building 013 3D Model (max)

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3D Model by Abe_makoto

Skyscraper Office Building 013 3D model

Highly detailed modular Skyscraper Office Building containing detailed buildings, road tiles, street furniture, textures and more.
There have 3 max files include day and dusk, night scene.

The invention by Mr. Otis of an elevator equipped with a safety braking mechanism in case of a cable break made the skyscrapers comfortable to use. The frightening need to repeatedly climb and descend the stairs disappeared. A new ideology of the industrial era pressed the cathedrals and bell towers from the pedestal of the tallest buildings, and more than a century and a half ago, it became possible to erect mass temples of the new era - office centers and headquarters of huge transnational corporations.

Chicago is considered the birthplace of skyscrapers - it was there that architect William Jenny built the first, still 9-storey frame house (1884–1985). For the first building stretched again and again, each time becoming ever higher. The reason for the active spread of progressive construction and architectural innovations was not the foresight of developers. In 1871, a fire destroyed most of Chicago. The largest industrial city of the United States rebuilt, and in these conditions, the ability to squeeze the maximum of the area from one plot of land became decisive. The height of office and commercial centers grew at a staggering rate. Such a profitable urban development method did not long remain the prerogative of Chicago.

Skyscraper Office Building  3D model

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  • Vertices6846561
  • Polygons3620319
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsYes
  • RiggedNo
  • TexturesYes
  • File-formats3D Studio Max file (.max)
  • PluginsV-Ray
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Published on: February 16, 2015
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3D Artist: Abe_makoto