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3D Model by Abe_makoto

First Skyscraper Office Building 3D model was created in Chicago ( United States ), and perfected in New York, the skyscrapers were a structural creation that revolutionized the urban landscape of the last hundred years, being today a symbol of modernity throughout the world. The main element that allowed the development of the skyscrapers was the elevator, although other technical advances made possible the progressive increase of height. These include steel, reinforced concrete, glass, and hydraulic pump. Before the 19th century buildings with more than six floors were rare, as their excessive height made them impractical. In addition, the materials and techniques necessary to build a skyscraper are remarkably different from those used in conventional buildings.

The first skyscrapers appeared in the late nineteenth century in cities with high population rates such as New York, London or Chicago. However, the builders of London and Chicago encountered regulations that limited their height, and in continental Europe, there were doubts about their safety against fires or their aesthetics, so in the early years of the twentieth century New York was the pioneering city in this type of constructions.

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  • Vertices6937645
  • Polygons23378168
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  • MaterialsYes
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  • TexturesYes
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Published on: February 16, 2015
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3D Artist: Abe_makoto