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Skin and hair anatomy 3D model - high detailed


Within the follicles, there are sebaceous glands, intended for the production of sebum that lubricates the surface of the hair. These are located in the middle dermis and are composed of cells full of lipids that develop embryologically in the fourth month of gestation. This glandular secretion is of a continuous nature, draining from the acini to the main sebaceous duct that will flow into the hair canal.

At the base of the hair, a thin network of blood vessels forms the root thereof, around which there is a white structure called a bulb, which is the proliferative region . The bulb is composed of two or three layers of basal cells precursors of the cellular elements that will migrate to the surface through the interior of the outer sheath. In the lower part are the germinative cells that differ in concentric cellular rings. The three outer rings will produce the layers of the inner hairy sheath and the three inner rings will give rise to the future hair.

At the base of the follicle, there is a small cone-shaped structure called a papilla, which is where the cells that are part of the hair originate. The dermal papilla is formed by the fibroblastic cells and is responsible for the control of the hair cycle.

3D model of Skin & Hair Anatomy has the erector hair muscle originates from the dermis adjacent to the hair follicle. It has an oblique direction and is inserted into the dermal papillae. This muscle, when contracting, produces the hair lift.

The apocrine sweat glands are formed by a large secretory lobe and a dermal excretory duct that opens into the pilo-sebaceous follicle and are found in areas of greater body hair such as the armpits , the genital area and the scalp.

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