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Skateboard 3D models high detailed, original format Maya 8.0 exported to OBJ also.

A roller board or skateboard is a board consisting of plywood, which contains several layers of veneer, mounted on wheels of small diameter (rollers). It can be used as a vehicle or as a sports tool for performing various tricks.

Electric skateboard is a personal skateboard conveyor. The speed is controlled by a handheld wireless remote control or even without a remote by transferring weight to the front or back foot.

Board - board for skate. As a rule, it consists of 7 or 9 layers of glued Canadian, Chinese maple, but there are exceptions (for example, Baker produced ultra-light models from 5 layers, and Blind strengthened models in an 8-layer version). Deck sizes vary in width and can be from 7.125 to 11 inches, the approximate length of all skateboards is from 30 to 32 inches, but there are exceptions in the form of skateboards for children. The number of layers, the quality of wood and technology affect the rigidity, strength, weight, flexibility, etc. Each skater prefers his size and board form. Some firms producing soundboards: Flip, Baker, Nomad, Girl, Mystery, Zero, Enjoi, Element, Alien Workshop, Toy Machine, Blind, Cliche, Dark Star, Bullet Agonia, Speed ​​Demons, Jart, Habitat, Almost, SK8Mafia, Plan B, as well as Russian Footwork, Athletics, Mild, Rebels, Absurd, Union, Random and Ukrainian Revol.

  • Emery (sandpaper) - self-adhesive tape, in appearance and properties similar to sandpaper. Pasted onto the deck. Thanks to the skin, the legs do not slide off during skiing and it allows you to perform tricks. Popular skin-producing brands: Mob, Jessup, Grizzly, Mini Logo.
  • Suspensions (trucks, English truck) - consist of several elements:
  • Hanger (Henger, Eng. Hanger)
  • Bushings (English bushings). Have the characteristic similar to the characteristic of wheels.
  • Kingpin (English kingpin)
  • Baseplate.
  • Suspension companies: Independent, Footwork, Union, Thunder, Z-Flex, etc.

Wheels. They have their own characteristic, indicating the hardness of the wheels. Firms producing wheels: Baker, Pig Wheels and so on.
And other components, such as bolts for fastening the suspensions, rails on the edges for sliding on rails, etc.

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  • Polygons207964
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  • MaterialsYes
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  • TexturesYes
  • File-formatsMaya (.ma .mb), Wavefront (.obj)
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Published on: February 13, 2011
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