City bike 3D Model (3ds)

3D Model by gorandodic

City bike 3d model Is a fully textured bicycle designed for games and other possible uses.

Citroen 2CV is one of the famous cars of the 30s-40s, which, without losing popularity and competitiveness, lasted on the conveyor for many decades. Among them are American Jeep, English Land Rover and Austin Mini, German Volkswagen Käfer and Italian Fiat 500. The 2CV serial production lasted 42 years with minimal design changes. However, the 2CV project was created much earlier. In December 1934, despite the support of the Michelin concern, Citroen was on the verge of bankruptcy. New Vice President and Chief Designer Pierre Boulanger reoriented the company to reduce costs and conquer the mass market. As part of the firm’s policy in 1936, a TPV project was launched (fr. Très Petite Voiture is a particularly small car), based on marketing recommendations prepared by Jacques Duclos. For that time, the task was unusual: in Europe, which still preferred expensive and solid cars, it was planned to launch an “umbrella on wheels” into production, an extremely cheap and unpretentious one, with the help of which peasants could carry their goods from the farm to the market in an uncultivated country roads. As they said, “drive through a plowed field and do not beat eggs in baskets.” They also joked that "lanky Monsieur Boulanger specially conceived a canvas top to ride in 2CV without removing the favorite cylinder." But seriously - it provided a load capacity of 100 kg with a driver and passenger, a speed of 60 km/h and a good economy - only 3 liters of gasoline per 100 km. The car was intended for rural residents, who for the most part have not yet accepted the car because of the high price and running costs. Responsible for the project was appointed Henri Lefevre. By 1939, TPV was ready and managed to build several prototypes. Magnesium and aluminum were used in their construction, the engines were water-cooled, and the seats were hung from the roof like hammocks.

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Published on: February 13, 2011