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In this category on Flatpyramid you will find all 3D models that were created with 3D Studio MAX and usually have .3ds file format.
3ds MAX (3D Studio MAX) is a full-featured professional application, a graphic editor, a system for creating and editing three-dimensional graphics and animations, developed by Autodesk. Contains state-of-the-art tools for artists and professionals in the field of multimedia. Works on operating systems Microsoft Windows and Windows NT (both in 32-bit and 64-bit). In April 2014, a seventeenth version of this product, entitled Autodesk 3ds Max 2015, was released.
3ds MAX is used to create computer games, 3D animated cartoons, commercials, and more. With this editor, you have made a lot of visual effects for movies.
The owner of the 3ds MAX brand is Autodesk.
3ds Max has tremendous means to create various forms and complexity of 3D models of real or generic objects around the world. It’s possible using a variety of techniques and mechanisms that are included in the following list:

  • The polygonal modeling, which includes Editable mesh (editable surface) and Editable poly (editable polygon), is the most common simulation method used to create complex models and models for games;
  • Modeling based on Non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS);
  • Editable patch-based modeling – suitable for modeling of rotational bodies;
  • Modeling with the use of built-in libraries of standard parametric objects (primitives) and modifiers.

Modeling methods can be combined with each other. Simulation on the basis of standard objects, as a rule, is the main method of simulation and is the starting point for the creation of complex structure objects. It is connected as elementary parts of composite objects with the use of primitives in combination with each other.
Visualization is the final stage of work on a simulated scene. Only after rendering you can see all the properties of the material objects, the effects of the environment, which are applied in the composition of the scene. To output the final image on the screen 3D artist chooses the required visualization module (VM). Most VMs are separate programs embedded as an add-on to 3ds Max.
The term object is used throughout the entire 3DS MAX program; This is an object-oriented program. If you look at 3DS MAX in terms of programming, everything that is created is objects. Geometry, cameras and light sources on the stage are objects. Modifiers are also objects like controllers, raster images and material definitions. Many objects, like skeletons, splines, and modifiers, allow manipulation at the subobjects level.