Airport 04 3D Model (3ds max)

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Building 04 3D model

Detailed Generic airport sence.Include building ,tower,underground ,bus station....
High definition model.Rendered with Vray

Everything that happens in an airport is designed and supervised from an aeronautical point of view. From viability as a general system to design, execution and even operation, everything is subject to aeronautical criteria. However, the design of this type of infrastructure must involve engineers on the one hand to size and chain aeronautical processes and on the other hand, professionals capable of changing these processes into flows, volumes, and spaces.
Architecture is the only discipline that can offer a complimentary service of this nature to engineering. And it is precisely in the airports that this cohabitation is necessary. An airport in the design phase must be able to see the ideograms turn into programs, the calculation of the waiting times in concrete flows and the traffic forecasts in spaces crossed by the light. The union of engineering and architecture in this field is an essential symbiosis to design what a terminal represents today, for example.

Conceptually, a terminal is only a kind of door that a passenger borrows to go from a taxi, a train or a private vehicle to an airplane. Quite simple, a priori. However, taking into account that his luggage must travel simultaneously on the same route, that there is not only one passenger but thousands in minutes, and that additional processes, which must operate with precision, affect the whole, the concept is enormously complicated.

And so, designing a terminal means, in large part, solving the flows of these processes. Which, from an architectural point of view, would correspond to solving the plan view. The flows must be well dimensioned, intuitive and properly connected to each other. Otherwise, there is nothing. The plan view brings clarity, precision and functionality.

The sectional view brings the rest. In an airport, the section view is fundamental because it allows to separate organized flows in the plan view. Thanks to it, the human scale meets the scale of the aircraft and the facade of a terminal takes shape at this very point. No air traffic study, flow diagram or traffic forecast works with a section view.

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Published on: February 13, 2011