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3D Model by matttrout

3D model of a modern looking condominium, villa, or apartment building that could be found along with beachfront property. The model comes with high-resolution textures and materials. Available in Cinema 4D (.c4d) and 3D Studio (.3ds) formats This building is ready to be moved into now.

In the United States and Canada, high-rise condominiums are being built in large cities to address the problem of land shortages and housing provision. Another type of condominium is also being built in the resort areas of the south of the country (Gulf of Mexico, Florida) and along the ocean coast (New York, California). Apartments in condominiums are bought by private individuals in the middle and near the end of their career paths as a method of investing accumulated private capital (compare a similar method of investing money in Moscow and other major cities of the Russian Federation and CIS countries). In this case, the owner usually comes to his apartment for 1-2 weeks a year for a vacation by the sea, while the rest of the time is rented to tourists/students, and so on. After retirement, the owners usually move to the condominium themselves, as it is less expensive than a private house.

In 2018, the world's first auto condominium, Auto House, appeared in Miami.

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Published on: February 13, 2011