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Grande Arche 3D model.
La Grande Arche is an office building located in the financial district of La Défense, west of Paris, in the territory of the municipality of Puteaux. Inaugurated in 1989, on the bicentenary of the French Revolution , with the name of the Great Arch of the Fraternity (in French , Grande Arche de la Fraternité ), 2 and built along the historical axis of Paris , was one of the Grands Projets of François Mitterrand , made during his first term as president of France.

The “Big Arch” is located not exactly on the historical axis of Paris: the angle of deviation is 6, 33º. From a technical point of view, in order to establish the foundation of the Arch, it was necessary to take into account the location of the highway and railway tracks, as well as the project to extend the first line of the Paris metro. From the point of view of symbolism, it was necessary that the last point of the historical axis was fixed by the Grand Arch of Defense. The fact is that the urban history of Paris is connected with the creation of the compositional axis of the city, which begins at the main throne room of the Louvre and goes west parallel to the Seine. The idea of ​​creating a historical axis became the main concept of the regular planning of the city, as an expression of the infinite power of French absolutism. Baron Osman built the Champs Elysees on this axis, and it also became the compositional axis of the La Defense quarter.

An arch is a projection of a hypercube (tesseract) in three dimensions:

length - 108 meters;
height - 110 meters;
width - 112 meters;
The arch is mounted on 12 pillars mounted on Savoyard hydraulic jacks to enable the shaky ground to withstand a mass of 300,000 tons. Each horizontal side of the cube consists of 4x4 concrete bars 75 meters long. A chain of steel cables surrounds the building. Constructions of two columns were built in parallel, by two independent teams of workers from each other. Two thousand qualified specialists worked in construction; two of them died during the construction of the upper structure. The world's first object of the hierarchy, the "three-dimensional projection" of the four-dimensional polytope, completed in the year of the centenary of the Eiffel Tower.

For the exterior of the arch using a variety of materials. The north and south facades are covered with tinted glass plates with a thickness of 5 cm, specially designed to prevent optical deformation and withstand the powerful force of the wind. The surface of the northern facade was also covered with plates of white Carrara marble, but due to the insufficient strength of the marble, some of them were subsequently replaced with gray granite.

In the archway is a giant "cloud". The structure is fastened with steel cables to the walls of the Arch and is an independent work of art.

The elevator is completely made of glass and is located in the recess of the Arch.

Upstairs of the Arch, there is a hall for holding congresses and exhibitions, as well as a venue with a view of the entire La Defense district and the western part of Paris.

Detailed C4d model of La Grande Arche de la Defense
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Polygons 185973
Vertices 280165

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  • Vertices280165
  • Polygons185973
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Published on: February 13, 2011