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3D Model by shuldyakov

Camping scene 3D model on Flatpyramid.

New isometric series of 3d models of high quality and elegant design. We are preparing a very large stylish series that will illustrate our daily life. Rest, work, industry, transport, farms, cities, historical places, recreation and many many other scenes. Everything is limited by a single style and production technology - the docking modules will allow you to collect whole worlds. Optimized graphics: polygonality and very small textures 32x32 pixels per setting allow you to use models in both video production and in all known game engines. The kit includes the most popular 3d formats and you can use them in any 3d editor. The convenient size and ease of use of the designer will allow you to collect whole worlds. Both indoors and outdoors - including whole cities or farms. Please write your comments and suggestions. Thank you. We are happy to work for you.

Camping - group or individual event associated with the movement of the tourist route in recreational, sports, educational purposes. The range of hikes is quite wide: from a leisurely walk in the forest to a descent along the rapids. The hike made for research purposes (the study and development of the tourist area) is often called a tourist expedition. However, if you don’t carry a huge rucksack behind you, it’s not considered a trek.

The centers of mass and sports tourism do not always coincide with the sites of the hikes. For the development of new tourist areas spend tourist expeditions. Geographers and organizers of active, sports tourism group their camping sites into tourist districts and other taxonomic units.

Visiting the tourist area as a whole can be a goal of a hike, because tourist zoning and the availability of information are important for tourists making hikes. For them are published reference books of high mountain passes, middle mountains. Route - qualification commissions compile and publish lists of reference categorized routes of each tourist area.

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Published on: March 4, 2018