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3D Model by Abe_makoto

Skyscraper Office Building 3D model

Highly detailed modular Skyscraper Office Building containing detailed buildings, road tiles, street furniture, textures and more.
There have 3 max files include day and night scene. and photoshop files.

Geological factors, the characteristics of soils and the earth's crust of the territory, where it is planned to erect buildings with a height of more than 100 m, are of great, but not decisive, importance - economic and political aspects are more important. The most important prerequisite for the construction of a complex of high-rise buildings can be considered the concentration of commercial, financial and industrial activities in a limited space. Most often, the concentration of skyscrapers is due to reasons of a geographical nature: the size of Manhattan, the islands on which Hong Kong is located, or the shortage of land in Japan. The limited city in the area inevitably grows up.

In such cases, the cost of the building plot becomes so significant that the economically unjustifiably smaller building. Whole fields are created from high-rise quarters with narrow canyons of streets. Like trees in the jungle, there is a struggle for height between them, so that, having escaped from the encirclement of the confreres, to get a place under the sun, not only in the literal meaning of insolation but also in acquiring a special status.

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  • Vertices1036601
  • Polygons34925871
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsNo
  • RiggedNo
  • TexturesYes
  • File-formats3D Studio Max file (.max), Photoshop (.psd)
  • PluginsV-Ray
  • NID38342
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Published on: February 16, 2015
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Tags: building office skyscraper skyscrapers Urban
3D Artist: Abe_makoto