Photoshop (.psd)

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PSD is the main format of Adobe Photoshop. Exported and imported into raster and vector software products. Designers and artists use a similar format thanks to the functionality and know how to open psd except for Adobe Photoshop.

Psd format
Initially, the program was used as an application for image processing in the printing field. Now Photoshop is actively used in web-design. Therefore, it is important to know how to open psd online. The file with the .psd extension is a format for storing and processing raster graphic information. Created for Adobe Photoshop. The format is not freely available for software products, so only Photoshop can open, edit and save files with the .psd extension. An important difference between .psd and .jpg (.jpeg) is in compressing information without losing quality, so the document remains available in its original resolution.

The format is associated with numerous applications for processing media files and creating animations. The file with the .psd extension is exported and imported to:

Adobe ImageReady, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Fireworks, Encore DVD;
PaintShop Pro.

The functionality that is implemented in the format psd includes:

creating a graphic file with the location of several photos;
increase/decrease image sizes during processing;
adding effects;
subsequent saving .psd in optimized image formats: jpg (jpeg), png, gif.