Detailed modern interior cutaway 3D Model (max dwg)

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3D Model by acdcz

3D Model Detailed modern interior cutaway 3D model

Feature : there are : living room, kitchen, wc, dinning, 3 bedrooms... in modern design
all 3d models are design from cataloge, very detail in closet like preview
all done in vray, you need vray 1.5sp2 to render exactly like preview
over 50 textures in this file.
full device like : sofa, TV, bar, refrigerator, cabinet, table, chair, etc.....

- 3dmax 2009 vray required full with material zip file
in this render i use vray 1.5sp2, the setting is optimized to render fast

this format makes it usable in 99% of 3D software programs.

Also check out my other models, just click on my user name to see complete gallery.
Thanks you for watching.

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Published on: July 13, 2018
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3D Artist: acdcz