Living room 3D Models

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Living room 3D model, lounge – room for receiving guests.

The living room is a common room, that is, it is intended for all family members. In large houses, the living room also serves for business conversations and music lessons.

There are no universal layouts and rules for arranging furniture in the living room, this is determined in accordance with its functional purpose. A sofa, a low table, comfortable armchairs are designed for rest, a place for a conversation is by the fireplace. The living room should have: a bright, beautiful appearance, practicality of use, original design.


The interior of the living room was formed at the beginning of the XVIII century. From the middle of the century special furniture appeared, sofas appeared. K. Rossi designed sofas with two seats and one backrest so that guests could sit around in circles. Until the 1830s, furniture was installed near walls or pillars; later, a free layout became widespread, with sitting furniture placed near the table in the middle of the room. At this time, new types of sofas have appeared: a couch, a chaise longue, a sofa with two seats and a narrow center, an angular sofa, a sofa for two (secrette) and for three (discrette). The light tables which came into use received the name Bobby. There were also many of them (walnut, samovar, sliding, folding, with wings and secret drawers). A typical piece of furniture in the living room was a musical instrument like a piano or a harpsichord.

The interior decoration of the living room maintained a certain historical style (classicism, baroque, rococo, neo-renaissance for official living rooms