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3D Model by Dawoo_Works

The Design of the interior. Models possible to use in any project, since they are made with real prototype from catalogue of furniture
The final effect is LS rendering.

An auditorium room is typically meant for performing arts. It is a part of a theatre, concert hall or other public buildings where public sits. An auditorium room has various sitting arrangements according to the audiences.

The first row has stalls; they are generally below or at the same height as the stage. Then there are balconies which are also called galleries; these are raised sitting platforms towards the rear of the auditorium. In large theatres, multiple levels are stacked vertically above or behind the stalls. The first row is called the dress circle or grand circle. The highest platform or upper circle is sometimes known as the gods.

Then there are boxes placed right to the side and above the level of the stage. They are often separate rooms with an open viewing area which generally seat only a handful of people. These seats are generally considered the most prestigious of the house. A state box or Royal box is sometimes provided to the dignitaries.

Seating arrangements in an auditorium seating layout will either be identified as “multiple-aisle” or “continental”

At FlatPyramid, we have developed a high resolution 3-D model of an auditorium room. It is available in 3ds, max formats for commercial, non-commercial and editorial purposes. The design can be used in any project. It is one of the most detailed models of an auditorium room that you will come across on the web. It is strikingly beautiful. In case of any query, please feel free to contact.

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Published on: February 15, 2011