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Structures 3D models on Flatpyramid.

A structure is a three-dimensional, planar or linear construction system having ground, elevated and (or) underground parts, consisting of supporting and, in some cases, enclosing building structures and intended to perform various types of production processes, storage of products, temporary stay of people, movement of people and goods.

In the scientific and technical literature on construction, the term “structure” is also used in the narrow sense, in the sense of “a building structure that is not a building”. For example, engineering structures: bridges, dams, masts, radio and television towers, tunnels, subway structures, fortifications, memorial structures (monuments, memorial pyramids and obelisks), architectural structures (arcades, colonnades, obelisks) and many others.

The construction is an object with all its devices. For example, a dam as a structure includes a dam body, filters and drains, dowels and more. The bridge as a structure includes a span, supports, a bridge deck with flooring. Diverse elements make up a single structure, if they are united by a common functional purpose.

Most popular structures 3D models file formats:

max, fbx, ma, mb, tga, targa, icb, vda, vst, pix, obj