Auditorium room023 3D Model (3ds max)

3D Model by Dawoo_Works

High detail interior scene for all purposes.
The Design of the interior. Models possible to use in any project, since they are made with real prototype from catalogue of furniture
The final effect is LS rendering.

An Auditorium refers to a room or a hall built, where people can gather in large numbers to watch the performance or lecture. Auditorium is considered as the whole building including the stage and performance area, not just the area where the audience sits.

The term auditorium is derived from the latin language i.e “auditorious” means “pertaining to hearing”. The concept of the modern auditorium hall is inspired by the greek auditorium, which used to have a semi circular seating arrangement in the hall. There were several circular shelves one above the other to get a clear view of the theatre.

There are different types of auditoriums, and they are built according to the purpose and use of the organisation. Schools, colleges, corporate offices, public auditorium, theatres and others have auditoriums for different purposes that each other. For example schools and colleges use the auditorium for lectures, plays and annual functions.

The Auditorium room023 3D model is a high detailed scene of the interior of the auditorium hall. The 3D model captures the whole scene of the auditorium as it is designed for a wide angle view. The interior scene is prepared with high quality finishing and it can be used in any 3D project such as animation, games, filming, architectural design or any other project as it is made with the real prototype from catalogue of furniture.

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Published on: February 15, 2011
3D Artist: Dawoo_Works