Tom Cat 3D Model (blend obj)

3D Model by jas.schur

Tom 3D model.

Tom from Tom and Jerry, based on the design of the 1940s version.

All quads, 1 texture, 1 material, no fuss.

Tom Cat (born Tom Cat) - a cartoon anthropomorphic cat of a gray-blue color, the first protagonist of the animated series "Tom and Jerry", chasing a mouse Jerry.
In the first cartoon, Puss Gets the Boot, the cat is called Jasper. Already starting with the next short cartoon "The Midnight Snack" the cat is called only the name Thomas and its diminutive forms - Tom, Tommy. Full name - Thomas James Jasper Patrick.

Tom is a typical domestic cat - he likes to sleep for a long time, eat tasty food, shows interest in familiar cats. Her direct responsibility - catching mice - is rarely and reluctantly involved, most often after the hostess scolds him for laziness. But sometimes she likes to hunt small animals (mice, fish, birds).
At first, Tom lived in the house of a black woman nicknamed Mommy Two-Slipper, but in the 1954-1958 series, the young couple George and Joan became his masters. In the Gene Deutch cartoons, the owner of Tom was a middle-aged gentleman who was fat and often showed cruelty to his pet.

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  • Vertices1616
  • Polygons3200
  • GeometryPolygonal
  • AnimatedNo
  • MaterialsYes
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Published on: February 15, 2011