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From a chemical point of view, DNA is a polymer of nucleotides, that is, a polynucleotide. Each nucleotide, in turn, consists of carbohydrate ( deoxyribose ), a nitrogenous base (which can be adenine → A, thymine → T, cytosine → C or guanine → G ) and a phosphate group ( phosphoric acid derivative). What distinguishes one polynucleotide from another is, then, the nitrogenous base, and therefore the DNA sequence is specified by naming only the sequence of its bases. The sequential arrangement of these four bases along the chain is the one that encodes the genetic information, following the following criterion of complementarity: AT and GC. This is due to the fact that adenine and guanine are larger than thymine and cytosine, so this criterion allows uniformity to be met. In living organisms, DNA is presented as a double chain of nucleotides, in which the two strands are linked together by connections called hydrogen bonds.

DNA 3d model
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Published on: February 13, 2011