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Sperm is a secretion of the male animal with a view to sexual reproduction.

It consists of sperm cells, epithelial cells, and cytoplasm. The sperm cells are created in the two testicles. The cytoplasm is also created by adding sex glands: side effects, semi-therapy, and prostate.

Sperm roots like a liquid transmitter for sperm cells. They can survive in it for some time until they die or enter egg ( fertilization ).

In humans and many other animals, sperm is thrown out of the body's body during an ejaculate, which usually results from the sexual excitement of sexual activity. Many aquatic animals throw the sperm cells directly into the water. In many worms, peppers, soft animals and at some amphibians, spermatophores are used instead of sperm.

Sperm cell with internal parts. Only Cinema4d format has materials.
In every zip files there are 2 sperm cell files (one with internal parts for transparency renderings and one without for all opacity surfaces renderings).

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Published on: February 13, 2011