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A Gift ribbon 3D model is a thin band of a flexible material, typically textile that can also be plastic or sometimes metal, used mostly to decorate, wrap and tie different objects. The textile ribbons that mainly use silk, are usually used in conjunction with dresses, but also for other purposes, such as ornamental and symbolic; Cultures around the world use this complement in the hair, around the body, or also as ornamentation in animals, buildings, and other areas. The tape is also sometimes used as a sealant package, along with lace, and typing and computers, some models of typewriters and matrix printers use a textile or plastic tape with ink , in the printing process.

The manufacture of cloth ribbons was created in ancient Egypt, ribbons were ornaments for royalty. The use of wigs decorated with fabric ribbons of different colors was a typical adornment. The artisans of ancient Egypt developed the art of weaving ribbons with embellishments of incorporated figures. 1

The manufacture of ribbons, fringes, tassels, and other accessories in the textile industry occupies a specific section. The essential characteristic of a ribbon loom is simultaneous weaving in a frame with several fabrics.

To achieve all the movements of the loom, an automatic operation is necessary; and it is a remarkable fact that the automatic tape loom was known and used extensively more than a century before the famous invention of Cartwright . 2 A loom in which several narrow fabrics could be woven simultaneously is mentioned to work in Gdansk towards the end of the 16th century. Similar looms were used in Leiden in 1620, where its use gave rise to discontent and disturbances on the part of the weavers, and the authorizations had to prohibit their use. The prohibition was renewed in several periods throughout this century, and at the same time, the use of the tape loom was banned in most of the major industrial centers of Europe. Around 1676, under the name of "Dutch loom" or motor loom, it was taken to London, and although its introduction there caused a certain discomfort, it does not seem that it was prohibited. In 1745, John Kay, the inventor of the flying shuttle, obtained, jointly with José Stell, a patent for improvements in the ribbon loom; and from that period the inventions applied to the textile machinery were improved.

From the weaving of ribbons, it is known that it already existed near Saint-Étienne ( Loire Department, France ) since the 11th century, and that city has remained the head of the industry. During the revolts of the Huguenots, the tape weavers of St. Etienne moved to Basel and there they established industry that in modern times has rivaled the original shops in the area. Krefeld is the center of the German tape industry. The manufacture of velvet black ribbon there is his specialty. In England, Coventry is the most important center of tape manufacturing, which also shares with Norwich and Leicester.

Only cinema4D R10 format has materials.
Polygons 1996
Vertices 1963
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Published on: February 13, 2011