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Embraer 195 3D model.

The E-190 family consists of two elongated versions of the E-170 model, equipped with larger wings and new engines, the GE CF34-10. Rounding out capacity of 100 seats, it competes with small frontline aircraft such as the Boeing 717-200 or the 737-600, as well as the Airbus A318 and A319 . The first flight of the E-190 was in March 2004, 1 and that of 195 in December of the same year. The launch customer of the E-190 was the low-cost jetBlue airline with 100 orders and the option of 100 more. The low cost European airline flybewas the launch customer of the E-195 with 14 orders and option to 14 more. The Embraer 190 AR was introduced in 2005. 1 As the 190/195 family is the same size as many first-line aircraft, many of the companies operate with them directly (not through regional subsidiaries or shuttle) and endow them with class "business"

TAME , became the first airline in South America and Latin America to acquire the 190 model to incorporate it into its fleet, however, almost at the same time Copa Airlines of Panama announced the purchase of this same aircraft model, which it received before Tame received them, which made her the first to use said model. On December 17, 2007, Tame received 2 more aircraft of this model, increasing to 3 the number of ERJ-190 in its fleet.

In turn, Copa Airlines Colombia , subsidiary airline of Copa Airlines acquired its own ERJ 190, using them in its main routes and with excellent finishes as black leather seats; this in order to get the company afloat since it only owned McDonell Douglas MD-83 aircraft, although at present it only remained with an MD-83 for international or high demand operations, and it is the oldest aircraft of this type. market, has just received its twelfth model, although they have already confirmed that in 2010 they will cancel this MD-83 and incorporate 2 Embraer ERJ190 that currently operate for Copa Airlines. Taca announced in October 2007 the acquisition of 11 of these aircraft, enabling four Latin American airlines to operate this model. WhileBRA Transportes Aéreos , a Brazilian airline, made its own purchase ad for model 195 aircraft, with which it would become the first to operate them in South America, but the crisis that this company is going through left the purchase process of these aircraft without effect. .

On July 17, 2007, an Embraer 190 of Copa Airlines Colombia left the runway of Simón Bolívar International Airport in Santa Marta , Colombia and was stranded on the beach. This flight covered the Cali - Santa Marta route and had just over 50 passengers, there were some injured, but none seriously.

In November 2007 another Copa Airlines Colombia Embraer 190 covering the route Pereira - Bogotá had to be returned to the Matecaña International Airport in the city of Pereira , for damage to the air conditioning system, which produced smoke in the cabin, passengers panicked, there were some a little dizzy but nothing serious. With this incident Copa Airlines Colombia old AeroRepublic completes 2 failures in its fleet of Embraer 190.

On July 31, 2018, an Embraer 190 that operated the AM2431 Aeromexico flight with 97 passengers and 4 crew members on board, crashed while trying to take off from the airport in the city of Durango , when it was heading towards Mexico City . The first reports indicate that there are no fatal victims, but several injured. Unofficially, the accident is attributed to bad weather conditions when trying to take off: strong winds, rain and hail. However, we must wait for the official report and what results from the corresponding investigation.

The flag carrier of Argentina : Aerolineas Argentinas placed an order for 20 Embraer 190 for its subsidiary cabotage Austral Lineas Aereas this was destined to be gradually replacing almost treinteañeros MD-80 , which were delivered between 2010 and 2011. 3 Currently the airline has two more units ordered.

The Moroccan flag carrier: Royal Air Maroc , placed the order for four Embraer 190 in 2013, with the last device delivered in December 2014.

The Venezuelan flag carrier Conviasa closed the purchase of some 20 commercial aircraft in December 2011, in an operation financed by Brazil's state development bank BNDES.

European airlines such as: Alitalia , KLM , British Airways , Air France and Air Europa , operate different aircraft being Alitalia the largest operator of the E190 in the old continent.

Only cinema4d R10 has materials the model has no textures. Polygons 5467 Vertices 6278

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Embraer 195 constructed by the Brazilian company. Embraer – Aeronautics Company of Brazil. In our fleet, it is used for domestic and long-distance flights. It’s current cost $53.5 million for sale in the USA. One of Brazil’s favorites is this powerful medium-range passenger jetliner.

In fact, it is the largest aircraft that they manufacture as a part of the Embraer E-Jet family. The characteristic raised tips of the wings called winglets to reduce air resistance. It travels faster and reduces fuel consumption.

They offer unusually comfortable service for up to 120 passengers flight experience thanks to its high cabin ceilings and generously apportioned seats. The seating plan for Business and Economy Class is flexible and can be varied according to preference.its high cabin ceilings and generously apportioned seats.

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Published on: February 13, 2011
3D Artist: tartino