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3D Model by tartino

Only cinema4d R10 has materials. Polygons 14284 Vertices 15561 Experimental passengers airplane with new rolls-royce open rotor high speed turbines, tail installation. The new RR open rotor turbine mesh jet turbine technology with turboprop. The gains are: -30 fuel burn, -10db at stage 4, potential EIS 2018. Open rotor has high core efficiency and excellent propulsive efficiency. A single open rotor powered aircraft saves the same amount of CO2 as planting 250000 trees.

The jet with rotor turbines is designed to deliver a turbofan’s speed and performance, with a turboprop’s fuel economy. Usually, it is equipped with a large number of short, highly twisted blades, similar to the bypass compressor of a turbofan.

How the propfan works:
An open rotor engine is a turboprop with two lines of blades, or propellers, capable of operating efficiently at speeds higher than a traditional turboprop. A turboprop’s blades appear to pump out air instead of forcing it home

Engine rotation:
The way you look at the engine must be defined, otherwise, the direction of rotation will be meaningless.

How do engines for jet turbines work?
A jet engine operates to release hot exhaust gas by burning fuel in the atmosphere. But where a car engine uses exhaust blasts to drive the pistons, a jet engine pushes the gas past the blades of a windmill-like spinning wheel (a turbine).

Quantified jet engines:
Experts offer a range of 120 to 140 decibels when quantifying the noise level associated with jet engines.

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Published on: February 13, 2011