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3D Model by Behr_Bros.

In the middle of the XX century. Ferrari 375MM car appeared. It is preserved in the memory of connoisseurs as one of the most powerful creations of the company. Model 612 Scaglietti has become a true copy of the very machine, equipped with high technology. She was named after master repairman Sergio Scaletti. From the day it appeared in 2004 to the present day, the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is still being produced without changes. This is because this car is perfection itself and cannot be made better.

The 5-meter Ferrari 612 Scaglietti body, like its predecessor, is made of aluminum. 72% of the body is power parts and heavy-duty inserts. In the history of Ferrari, this model was the first with an aluminum case and equipped with a V12 engine. In 2006, experts from Novitec Rosso added rims, as well as 10 hp. increased engine power. This world Ferrari Scaglietti saw at the Geneva exhibition. In 2007, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari company released the original versions of the model 612 Scaglietti-Sessanta. They are painted black and gray. The novelty differs 19-inch wheels, chrome parts of the muffler.

Other exquisite elements include a chrome electric roof, the transparency of which can be adjusted, brown leather seats and the Bose multimedia system. The built-in rear view camera makes parking a lot easier. A special button on the steering wheel is able to include a sports transmission mode. 12-cylinder engine, which has a volume of 5.7 liters. able to accelerate in 4.2 seconds. up to 100 km / h. The maximum allowable speed - 315 km / h.

Max Format:
Meshsmooth is applied so you can set the object resolution as you like. Just use the Named Selection Set meshsmooth to select the SubD objects.

Obj Format:
In 3 different resolutions ranging from 132909 to 824377 Polygons.Interior and exterior are saved separately so you can render the car also without the interior.
The lowest poly-version is the SubD. hull. So you can use it easily as SubD in Maya/XSI or any Programms supporting SubD.

3ds Format:
In 3 different resolutions ranging from 256110 to 1638900 Polygons.Interior and exterior are saved separately so you can render the car also without the interior.

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Published on: May 24, 2011