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3D Model by tartino

Space fighter 3D Model in 3ds dxf c4d obj Detailed model of a original spaceship fighter. Renderings made with cinema 4d

This is a detailed 3D model of space fighter with all exteriors modeled. This model depicts a clear high definition orientation of a space jet. All the angles of this fighter plane give clear visualization as you can see in the images.

A space fighter jet is like an airplane that can fly in the earth’s atmosphere as well as in the vacuum of the space outside the earth’s atmosphere. As in some nonfiction movies like Gravity, Martian, Star Wars we have seen them use a spaceship to fly from one planet to the other planet. They are highly equipped with advanced robotics & amours to protect themselves from the enemies. This space fighter model is also just like the spacecraft used in those movies. Artificial Intelligence is the main concept that makes these jets fully autonomous.

Currently, in reality, there are no space fighter planes that can fly on its own to reach the orbit of the earth all of them are powered by a rocket.
This 3D model is ready and optimized specifically for gaming and it fully supports all kinds of modern game engines, rendering software, and 3D programs.
Following are the areas where it can be used:
• It can be used in video gaming,
• It can be used in AR/VR.
• Its a sci-fi object so it can be used in movies.
• One can collaborate these models with their school and college projects.

These planes can change human life forever.

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  • File-formats3D Studio (.3ds), AutoCAD (.dxf), Cinema 4D (.c4d), Wavefront (.obj)
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Published on: February 13, 2011