Why 3D Artist Gain Weight (Week 12)

Why 3D Artist Gain Weight (Week 12)

Like every 3d artist that I know, I spend countless hours a day on the computer working on one 3d modeling project after another. With most projects having aggressive deadlines it is almost impossible not to work long hours in order to meet the timelines. This of course means lots of sitting in front of the computer with no time to exercise thus leading to weight gain or worst of them all… rubbery flabby big bellies.

Tired of working on my computer yesterday, I stared out my apartment window and noticed the cool breeze that was blowing indicating the approaching Fall/Autumn season.  I had to use the bathroom and while there I noticed my weight scale in the corner. It had been a while since I had used it so I decided to step on the weight scale to see how much weight I had gained over the summer, as my pants were beginning to feel a little too tight around my waist line.

In disbelieve, I realized I had put on an extra 11.5 pounds.  I mentioned this to my girlfriend Kristina and she laughed hysterically and said “Perhaps it is from all those burgers, pizzas and fries that you have been eating. You should join me for a salad instead!”

I told her that I did not need any boring salads. My diet was great and I had been eating that way for several years and not gained weight. The weight gain was from me sitting on the computer for so many hours trying to fulfill all the numerous 3d modeling jobs we got together from those clients a few weeks back.”  I had already spent all the up front money provided for the custom 3d  jobs on Katrina and now needed cash desperately to pay my rent by the end of the month.

I decided that once I received my payments for the 3d modeling jobs I had just completed, I was going to rejoin the local gym in my area to get back in shape.  However, on my way to pick up a juicy burger from the Fat Burger restaurant, I noticed that the local gym had a free 30 day trial Ad sign in front of it. So I stopped in to inquire about the special offer. Shelly the personal trainer and sales girl convinced me to sign up right away and promised to throw in 3 free personal training sessions if I enrolled immediately. So I did and scheduled my first personal training session with her for that evening and hurried off to woof down my fat burger and fries.

When I returned to the gym a few hours later, I must confess that I was feeling really lethargic. I guess it was from the strawberry and chocolate milk shake I had drank with my meal. I typically don’t order milk shakes because of all the sugar in it but I figured that since I was going to the gym later on I could indulge and enjoy myself.

Shelly the personal trainer was right there waiting for me and ready to go. She got me to fill out some health questionnaires first. One of the questions she asked me was “On a scale of 1 – 10 what is your current fitness level.”  Since I had just played soccer last week I felt I was in good shape and so said that I thought I was a 9.  To this answer, Shelly said “Really Dude?”

I suspect that my optimistic responses to the questions on the form must have ticked her off as she decided to give me the “mother-of-all-workouts.”  She had me on high and low rapido sessions, darting from one machine to another in quick sessions with barely anytime to catch my breath. Somewhere along the line I mentioned to her that I was feeling like throwing up and she asked me what I had for lunch. When she found out that I had been to the Fat Burger restaurant she frowned at me and said I was a very bad eater and needed me to give her 20 pushups at once.

At the end of the 1 hour session I was drenched in sweat and very tired. She then gave me a meal plan that included items like kale, broccoli and greens.  I looked at the meal plan in horror but promised to follow it religiously starting that evening and left the gym in a hurry to get away from Shelly – the Drill Mistress.  On my way home, I stopped by Papa Johns Pizza and ordered my favorite pizza feeling like I really deserved it especially, after such a workout.  As I stepped out of the pizza store guess who I ran into?  Shelly the personal trainer!

She looked at me in shock then reached out and snatched my yummy pizza from my hands and immediately dumped it in the trash. I was livid with anger. “Who the hell do you think you are?” I said to her.  She responded saying that she was my savior and if I wanted to loose my flabby belly then I needed to follow her into the salad bar two doors down to grab something healthier. Besides, if I did not go with her then she would cancel my remaining 2 free personal training sessions.

Sitting in the salad bar eating kale, broccoli and greens I really felt depressed and longed for my yummy pizza now sitting in the trash. The next morning I weighed myself and noticed that I had lost 1.5 pounds. I was initially planning on getting my usual MacDonald’s breakfast meal but instead chose to go to Subway to get a healthier option. I still think that 3d artists gain weight due to the enormous amount of time spent on the computer but my girlfriend and new personal trainer think otherwise.

About Me: My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist.  I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!