3D Artists Can Have Fun Too! (Week 20)

3D Artists Can Have Fun Too! (Week 20)

With the Thanksgiving holidays, this week was pretty slow. Most people took off on vacation and the rest of us had more time to goof around in the office. We had our annual potluck celebration and I was tasked with bringing a dessert treat. I chose to bring almond pound cake and brought two cakes to the office.

As soon as my office cubicle mate, Robert “The Glutton”, saw the cakes he smiled brightly at me and said he could not wait to get his hands on those “yummy suckers.” I thought he was kidding but when I came back from the restroom Robert was already eating the cake…before the potluck had even began! So I said to him “Hey Robert that is for the potluck” and he apologized profusely to me and said “I am very sorry Jon, I just had to have some as it felt like the cake was calling my name. Tell you what…I will make it up to you … I’ll take you out tonight to my favorite club”

I said whatever and didn’t think much about his offer until he stopped by my cubicle just before closing time to ask me if I was ready to roll with the big boys? I did not know what he meant by “big boys.” Was he referring to his enormous size (he weighs I think over 300 lbs) or did he mean big boys as per big bawlers? big spenders? top dogs? Or what?

Anyhow, since I had no plans for the evening and was not looking forward to hanging around with my girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong she is a nice babe but recently she just happens to love making me sit with her to watch some depressing shows on the Oprah’s Network channel, so I figured I could rather hang out with Robert.

He picked me at 9pm in a limo. I was shocked. Robert had four girls in the limo with two of his buddies. We started doing shots in the limo and by the time we reached the club we were all buzzing. At the club he had reserved the VIP lounge with buckets of Champagne on ice. He seemed to be known at the club and was treated with a lot of respect by all the waiters and service staff. As the night went on, I wondered at Robert. I mean this was a guy that no body at work respected or even wanted to be around due to his weird behavior but over here he was a “Top Dog”. There was certainly a disconnect with Robert the 3d artist/animator/CGI guy and this Robert the top dog at the club.

I asked the other guys what they did and discovered they both worked at production studios as 3d artist and CGI guys. I discovered that Robert and his friends had setup together their own independent 3d company and did jobs on the side while keeping their full time day job. So that was why they had so much money to burn at the club. Here I was struggling to pay my bills while these guys where burning money like there was no tomorrow!

I tried to chat up some of the girls with us but they didn’t pay me much attention, then suddenly out of nowhere Marie the company’s gossip showed up. She happened to be in the club with two of her friends and sported us in VIP section “popping bottles.”

“Oh darn it!” was what I heard from Robert. We knew that if we did not do something quick, Marie the gossiping office lady was going to tell everyone in the office that she saw us at the club with multiple girls. So we invited her in and offered her and her friends to join us for some drinks. We all got so drunk that I ended up making out with Marie, I think?

At the end of the night I realized that you can’t judge a book by its cover. By that I mean for the last couple of weeks I had been looking at Robert as this weird 3d artist guy…but after last night I realized that as weird as he might be, he sure knows how to have a good time. In fact, most 3d artists know how to have fun too.

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