3D Modeling History Lesson (Week 14)

3D Modeling History Lesson (Week 14)

This week was a very busy week for me. It started off with my Mum calling saying she was not feeling well and requesting that I come see her immediately. So I said I would stop by that evening around 6pm after my appointment. However, my appointment was rescheduled so I decided to visit a friend of mine that lives about a 1 mile from her to kill time.  As I was approaching my friends place I saw my Mum and Mrs. Salazar walking down the street in their exercise outfit laughing away.  That is when I realized that my Mum was back to her old ways of tricking me to visit her especially after our last fall out.  Since none of them saw me, I drove on to visit my buddy.

Later on I arrived at my Mum’s place and rang the bell. But she did not open the door. Then, I noticed that my Mum was calling me on my cell phone. She said that she was too sick to move from her bed and so had left the back door unlocked so I could enter when I arrived. When I got into the house, I saw her lying in bed all wrapped up in her blankets with lemon tea and her humidifier on. There was some sad sober music playing with someone that sounded like a Yoga Guru humming away some asanas.

When I accosted her about not looking so ill just a couple of hours ago when I saw her walking on the street with her friend Mrs. Salazar, she said that it was not her. So I went to her laundry room and brought back her workout clothes as evidence. That is when she went ballistic on me calling me a “snoopy spying encroaching no good son” I was initially perplexed at her outburst but said to her “Oh look who now has the energy to yell?” I then ate up all her chicken in the kitchen and left.

The next day I went to attend a seminar that was on Visual Effects. I arrived there early and noticed that the so called instructors had no idea about 3d models. They were just professional seminar coordinators and apparently had scheduled a 3d instructor from Gnomon School of Visual Effects to come give the lecture. He did not show and so here we were all there sitting and waiting but after an hour I demanded a refund of my money. They refused to refund me saying that they had a replacement teacher on his way.

The so called replacement instructor looked very sleazy with a weather beaten suit spent about 30 minutes lecturing us on the history of 3d models. I almost seemed like he was just reciting something he downloaded from Wikipedia! After a while I had enough of his bullshit and voiced my concerns. Some of the other attendees joined me in the protest and demanded the refund of our money. But they called the hotel security and had us removed from the premises. So the 5 of us went to a bar to network together or rather drink away our annoyance.

I discovered that all 4 of them where visual effects guys and needed a 3d artist to help them with some custom 3d modeling.  We drank quite a bit and by the time we were done I had multiple 3d gigs from each of them…so left very happy.

I spent the rest of the week modeling away. Then on Thursday, I got a call from the seminar folks again. This time they were offering a make up seminar on Visual Effects plus a bonus presentation on rendering techniques for an additional $50.  So I agreed but then gave them a credit card number that had no funds left on it and hung up but not before I had them email me the pre-course materials.

When I received the emailed materials it was about the History of 3d models.  That is when I realized that these guys were crooks simply scheming creative folks interested in learning about visual effects.  I called my new visual effects buddies to warn them but I was too late. They had already given them their valid credit card numbers. When they checked their statements online they realized that they had been billed $500 twice and not $50 for the bogus seminar. Hah! I thanked my lucky stars that I had given them a maxed out credit card but still called my credit card company to let them know about the fake 3d modeling history lesson scam.

About Me: My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist. I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!