About 3D Modeling Methods

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About 3D Modeling Methods

There are three methods used to create 3D models. Although these methods are considerably different, there are many similar aspects through the creation process. It is hard to say which technique is preferred, as it would depend on the 3D modeler, but polygonal modeling processes come as the easiest to render, and NURBS models are the most detailed. In between these two, we have spline modeling, which incorporates the techniques of both modeling methods.

The first type of 3D modeling which is spline modeling which falls right in the middle of the three forms of modeling. It is between NURBS modeling and spline modeling as it uses techniques of both, and implements curved lines to create the functional3D models. When it comes to the rendering process, the spline modeling method is second easiest to convert, making it a popular choice for modelers.

The second type of 3D modeling, polygon modeling uses points within the 3D space referred to as vertices, which are connected by lines – that work together to create a 3D mesh. Many modelers prefer this type, as they are very flexible, and the models can be rendered quicker than other forms of modeling. This means, that they can be made to move within a background, as the cells can be transitioned quite easily. Many, many polygons create a 3D model in this type of modeling. The majority of models that are built are built through this method, because of the flexibility that comes with polygonal modeling.

Lastly, the third type of 3D modeling is, NURBS Modeling and has grown in popularity, not only because of the effective procedures, but because of the transformation can occur throughout the process, making NURBS models some of the most versatile. Using the NURBS method of modeling creates curves with weighted points on the vertices of the model. It is preferred for detailed surfaces, as it creates actual curves, not tiny lines in a curve like appearance such as other types.