3D Party (Week 15)

3D Party (Week 15)

Cornelius had a very big face with a balding hair line and big popping eye balls. He knocked on my door early Sunday morning and as I looked through the peep hole, I saw his very large face staring back at me. I was still recovering from my hangover from the night before so I freaked out thinking it was one of the 3d creatures from one of my reoccurring bad dreams. He yelled “open the door Jon! It’s me Cornelius and I need to talk to you!”

I opened the door and saw Cornelius still dressed in his suit from the previous night. As he pushed his way into my apartment the memories of the previous night all came rushing back to me. I tried to gather my thoughts but felt dizzy and so I sat down. Cornelius was talking none stop and so I grabbed me some orange juice hoping it would help with the pulsating headache I was feeling. As I tuned back in to hear what he was saying, he started crying. He said he had been fired. I asked him “How can you get fired over the weekend at a party? “  Then I remembered what had happened last night.

It all started last Friday when my cousin Frank called me to let me know about a cool party taking place in Hollywood on Saturday night. He mentioned that it was been organized by an Agency where my friend Cornelius worked and that there would be lots of people in the creative industry attending. So it would be great if I called Cornelius to have our names added to the guest list. So I did and Cornelius was able get us on the guest list with no issues.

When we arrived at the party the place was buzzing with activity. There were even B-list and C-list celebrities in attendance.  I asked Cornelius to introduce me to a couple of cool girls that he worked with and spent the next hour charting with this one lovely lady who said her name was Brenda. She seemed to know everyone that mattered at the party and introduced me to quite a lot of people. Suddenly, I heard someone speaking in French and thought I recognized that voice. I spun around to see the dreadful Madame Cunegonde!

I had worked for her briefly a few weeks back before getting fired over strange circumstances. So needless to say I was not very pleased to see her. Anyhow, I said hi to her but she looked right through me as if she did not “know me from Adam”. So I decided to aggravate her by saying rather loudly to Brenda “Hey that is the fake French lady I was telling you about.” Madame Cunegonde’s face became very red and she stomped off but not before giving me a nasty look and murmuring some curse words in French.

Little did I know that Madame Cunegonde was best friends with Richard the guy that was throwing the party. I drank some more champagne and flirted around some more with Brenda.  I had no idea that Brenda the seemly innocent looking lady I was talking to was actually dating her boss Richard the owner of the Agency.  He came by and said rather sternly to her “Come with me Brenda, Now!”  and she was gone.

So I wondered around looking for my buddy Franky and Cornelius the only two people I really knew at the party.  I noticed that there were several expensively framed 3d renders of very cool 3d models hung around the room in a wonderful artistic display. At some point we where all handed 3d glasses to watch a 5 minute animated 3d AD that the agency had created.

After it finished, everyone started clapping rather ostentatiously but since I had my drink in hand I was not able to clap and that is when I noticed Richard and Madame Cunegonde standing together both staring at me in a not so nice way.  It was at that point that Cornelius came by to chat with me for a minute. Next thing he was summoned by his boss Richard and then he came back to tell me that I had to leave as his boss was quite upset about my behavior.

By this time I had drank quite a bit and so I told him that was bullshit and I was not leaving. I told him to go tell his boss and Madame Cunegonde that I would not be leaving as I was invited and had not done anything wrong.  Eventually, security was called to escort me out and so having nothing to loose I yelled some obscenity at Cornelius’s boss and cursed out Madame Cunegonde and left. On my way home, I stopped by a fancy night club and partied until the wee hours of the morning.

So listening to Cornelius now standing in my living room,  I realized that my actions last night had gotten him fired. All because he was the one that invited me to the party. He was really feeling very distraught while I was feeling very sleepy.  I was not sure what to tell him or even how to console him. So I gave him a bottle of my finest Jack Daniel whisky and went back to bed.

About Me: My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist.  I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!