3D Ultrasound Technology

3D Ultrasound Technology

3D modeling technology has opened the doors to a variety of technological developments, especially in the medical field. One of these forms of technology, the 3D ultrasound, has become available to a wide variety of ultrasound laboratories throughout the country. This is a useful diagnostic tool in the management of pregnancy from the first to third trimester as now, we can determine much more than the sex of the baby, through non-invasive procedures.

In the past, this type of technology may have seemed impossible, but based on the technology that has been developed through the use of 3D models and 3D animation – we are able to transfer this media into health and diagnostic procedures in a variety of medical fields.

Through the miracles of 3D ultrasound, parents are able to view a video of the child within the womb, have color pictures and determine the sex of the baby, more effective and accurate than ever before. How does this 3D technology work? The waves, or beams within the ultrasound are reflected from the baby, back to the transducer and these waves project the image onto the screen, giving the image and the video of the baby within the womb. This technology can determine any abnormalities, as well as the age and size of the body.

The benefits of 3D ultrasounds, is that the waves used to look inside the body to determine the sex, health and size of the baby are non-invasive. These waves have been proven to not harm the baby inside in the womb, as well as providing no harm to the mother.

3D ultrasounds range in a variety of prices from $129.00-$400.00 depending on the location, and packages chosen at the laboratory location. Although many types of packages are available, even the most basic of packages enable premium features like a video of the baby in the womb, and 3D photos of the baby.