Bugatti 3D prints world’s largest functional titanium car component

Bugatti 3D prints world’s largest functional titanium car component

The name Bugatti is associated with bleeding-edge motor cars rather than 3D printing, but the automaker has announced it has produced a new brake caliper that is not only the largest in the motor industry, but is the largest component to be printed from titanium alloy.

The production of hypercars like the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron might push the envelope of car performance, plus it’s constraining the improvement of vehicle parts and the materials used to make them. One case is the brake used on the Chiron, the calipers for which are the biggest introduced in any production car and were outlined utilizing bionic standards. They’re produced from high-quality aluminum alloy and contain titanium cylinders – eight for the front brakes and six for the back.

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The new calipers are intended to consolidate least weight with most extreme firmness, yet Bugatti felt there was opportunity to get better, so the organization’s specialists thought of another rendition made altogether of an aerospace titanium composite called Ti6AI4V, which is normally used in highly stressed undercarriages, wing segments, and stream and rocket motors.

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