Exona Supercar Designed By Me

Exona Supercar Designed By Me

I’m self taught designer and 3d artist.I’d like to share with you my supercar concept which was featured on many carblogs around the world last year.It is my Exona supercar concept which was created on ferrari 458 italia wheel base.It wasn’t my intention to create a ferrari look,but at the end I had italian design.I just let to my mind to create something creative without strings.Model was created in blender3d,without sketches or any image references.Rendering with cycles realistic render.It is my way to recharge batteries,and to relax from routined 3d modeling from image references.In my 3d shop on flat pyramid,you can see on my car models I made changes on every car when I thought it is good idea.The main reason why I even started to learn computers and computer graphics is my passion for car design.After a great exposure of my Exona supercar,I had some freelance works,but unfortunately I could not find the client who will finish the project till the end.I also lost my time for my main job 3d modeling,cause of this big but not secure enough projects.I beilive someday I will find the client and I will build my first real supercar.On my last project I had to create a supercar with nurbs software,and I have to say I had headaches cause I had to think a lot,how to build it.I invested in moi3d software and I tried to create something with it.It is powerful little software,but it is not enough powerful to create cars.I’v been reading via internet,car models are very heavy to create with nurbs tools.My client wasn’t to patient so he quit replying me on my emails,but without answer why he had to quit.It put me in to a little depression stage,but now I overcome it,and I’m working hard on my 3d models for 3d stock markets.And Yes I will keep recharging my batterries by creating new supercar concepts until it gives me happiness.And Yes I will keep dreaming big,but also I will keep learning more about creating models with nurbs tools.It is quite a challenge for me and for my brain.Enjoy my work.

Youtube animation of exona concept car.Created with blender 2.65 internal render and with blender compositing nodes.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP9An6DFtSQ” rel=”nofollow”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP9An6DFtSQ

My Exona concept car 3d model on flat pyramid


Here is what I made with nurbs for now