How To Get Hired As A 3D Artist (Week 22)

How To Get Hired As A 3D Artist (Week 22)

Last Saturday was our company’s Christmas party and as you know if you read my last weeks post, I was wondering if I should take my girlfriend Katrina to the event.  I chose to do so only because she insisted that she wanted to be there. It was a great event as there were a lot of creative type people gathered there. I was seated at a fun table with other 3d artists, VFX guys and animators and their spouses/significant others.

Everything was going great until my new boss – Marie who is interested in dating me arrived. She arrived late and to my dismay was seated on the same table as me and Katrina. I had a sick feeling that this night was not going to turnout great so I tried my best to ensure that they did not engage in any conversations together.

We had a buffet style dinner with an open bar and after dinner every one was having a good time drinking and chatting up. However, I had to use the bathroom and so I whispered to Katrina to behave herself while I was gone and not to talk to Marie under any circumstance. She nodded her head in agreement and said sarcastically “Don’t worry babe, I won’t talk to your bitch while you are in the little boys room.”

While I was in the bathroom, I heard a loud commotion noise and knew instantly something was wrong. I dashed out quickly to arrive back to see my girlfriend engaged in a physical fight with my boss! “What the f***!” I said”. After the fight was broken up, I had no choice but to leave the party with Katrina.

On the way home I asked her what had happened. She said that Marie had kicked her foot under the table when I left and when she did not respond, Marie leaned forward and spilled her drink on her as if in error and so she snapped and slapped her. Just before we got home, my phone rang and it was from Larry the owner of the company. He said to me that I should not bother coming into the office on Monday as I had been fired. I was shocked. I said that I could explain and it was not my fault but he hung up on me. So I dropped Katrina back at her place even though she begged to come back to my place with me.

I drove off to the local bar in my neighborhood to have a drink and clear my head.  I think I had a bit too much to drink as I crashed my car into a pole on my way out of the parking lot. Luckily for me there was nobody around and I was able to drive off quickly with my damaged car before anyone noticed.

The next day I took a look at my car and noticed that the damage was a lot more than I thought and would cost several hundreds of dollars to repair. As I was pondering how I was going to get the money to fix it, I got a text message from Katrina basically breaking up with me. She said “I hope you had a good time last night with your whore, Marie? don’t call me anymore…” I wanted to respond to her text saying “what the hell is wrong with you?” but decided not too as I had no energy for the drama of a long drawn out text “war of words” with her. I wanted to have a drink but I was still suffering from the hangover from last night drinking and so I could not.

I called up John one of my more empathetic friends and explained to him what had happened. He summarized my problems by saying “Jon, do you realize that in the last 24 hours you have lost your job, your girl friend and your car?”

On Monday morning, Robert my office mate called me to let me know that if I wanted a job with his side company, I should send him my resume with a picture of myself smiling. I wanted to say to him that I was not in the mood for jokes today but he beat me to it saying “I’m not joking Jon, you were the only one in the company that was nice to me and agreed to hang out with me so I will like to help you by giving you a job.”

With my rent due in a couple of weeks and the holidays fast approaching, I had no choice but to send him my resume immediately. The next day, I had a new job with Robert’s side company as their lead 3d artist. I thought to myself “referral is certainly the best way to get hired as a 3d artist.”

About Me: My name is Jon Max. I am a 3D Model Artist.  I have decided to document my life. One week at a time and share it with you. It is reality TV but on a blog. You will get the truth, no sugar coating of events instead raw and unedited. It’s my life baby!