Halloween (Week 17)

Halloween (Week 17)

This week was Halloween and I was actually very busy trying to deliver all the last minute Halloween themed 3d modeling jobs on my plate. So nothing much happened as I was hunkered down in my apartment all week working like a dog to ensure I meet all the aggressive deadlines.

However, on Halloween day I took my friend’s son to his school’s Halloween parade at his Kindergarten. It was an elaborate session with all the little kids dressed up as different characters.  His dad who is my best buddy had a client presentation out of town that day and his wife was already on a business trip in New York so he dropped his little Kevin off at my place to spend the night begging me to take him to school the next day for the Halloween parade.

Little Kevin showed me his costume for Halloween and it was a very lame fireman costume. So I decided to take him shopping that evening to get him some cool scarier Halloween costume.  We went to this scary Hollywood costume shop and I bought him a Frankenstein monster costume and then made him up that morning to look really scary with fake ghouly wounds and blood paint stains on his face.  He looked awesome or so I thought.

When we arrived at the school all his little friends were mesmerized by his scary look. However, the other parents were all giving me nasty looks as if to say “Oh no you didn’t!”  Then things started to go bad when two of the girls started crying saying that “Kelvin is really scaring us.” The next thing that happened was that the teacher pulled me aside and started lecturing me on the inappropriateness of Kelvin’s costume. I tried to explain that it was Halloween but then some of the other parents within ear shot especially the women said I was an irresponsible insensitive parent and I should know better.  “But I am not a parent…” I said.

At the Halloween parade they had each grade level match around the field with lots of parents taking pictures and giggling foolishly. As the other Kindergarten kids walked by the parents and other adults that were standing by would say words like “Ahh he looks so cute!” “Oh what a beautiful looking princess dress!” “Oh gracious, she is so pretty in that outfit….” But when my little Kelvin walked by I would hear words like “I wonder who his parents are?” “Oh my God! Who did this to this poor little thing?” Essentially, mostly negative comments. I just did not understand why all these parents were all acting so touchy about seeing a kid dressed up properly in a real Halloween outfit. After all Kelvin was the only one in my opinion that looked really scary and cool.

At the end of the parade all the kids went back into their classrooms to have a party. I decided it was time for me to leave and promised to be back later on to pick him up.  As I was leaving I was summoned into the principal’s office where I received another lecture about the inappropriateness of Kevin’s costume and the physiological trauma he had caused to the other kids. By then I lost it and told the principal to give me a break if anyone was scary looking it would be him to the kids and not a 5 year old boy dressed cool.  “It seems to me like parents in the United States have grown so soft. When I was growing up we saw all kinds of really scary things and we all turned out OK.”

I discovered today from my friend that little Kelvin was suspended for a week from school for his scary Halloween costume.

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