Happy Holidays! (Week 23)

Happy Holidays! (Week 23)

Last week I lost my job, girlfriend and wrecked my car. But luckily I was able to get a 3d modeling job in a company where all the other employees work part time because they all have other full time jobs. I am basically the only full time employee working out of the office.

This was very strange to me at first as I arrived on Monday morning to an empty office and basically had to onboard myself to my new job environment.  Later that evening, Robert my previous office mate from the job that I was fired stopped by to see how I was doing. He and two of his buddies own the company and so they are basically my bosses. However, they only get to show up in the office after they get off their regular “9 to 5” jobs.

Amazingly, they had a lot of custom 3d modeling jobs that they couldn’t handle and were actually refusing taking on any new projects. So my joining them was a win-win solution for both parties…and much appreciated by me considering my current non stellar financial situation. I was immediately inundated with a ton of 3d modeling projects with aggressive deadlines. So I worked very hard all week and did not have much time to do anything else.

However, on Wednesday something interesting happened at the office building. At about 2:25 pm to be exact, I heard police sirens whaling loudly outside and peek out the window to see a bunch of swat police officers with their guns all drawn approaching the building. I heard a Helicopter above the building and thought “Oh my gosh, this is like in the movies!” I wondered what was going on…but was too scared to go outside for fear that I could get caught in a cross fire or something.

I decided to ask the friendly folks at the office next door what was going on. But then the phone rang and I answered it as I was expecting a call back from a client. It happened to be an annoying telesales type call and so I hung up but not before yelling at the annoying caller to stop calling our office as we were on the do-not-call-list.

When I finally opened the door to step out in to the hallway I was met by five swat officers who pushed me back into my office and shut my door in my face saying “Back in buddy and stay down!” Then, I heard them ram the door and toss tear gas into the office next door. The very office I was just about to visit!

They arrested all the guys in that office and led them off in handcuffs.  Apparently, they were running an international stolen credit card marketplace with ties to Eastern Europe. “Whew! What a close call” I thought to myself as I could have been arrested if I had gone into that office a few minutes earlier as I was planning to do. The darn telesales call actually saved me.

Everyone in the building had to go outside and hangout out for a little while after the swat team and police officers left because of the smell of tear gas all over the building.  I decided that I had enough drama for one day and decided to go home early. As I drove home I called Robert my boss and told him what had happened and that he should not bother stopping by that evening as I was not going to be there but working from home.

My Mum called reminding me of the Christmas party she was having on Christmas Eve with the whole extended family attending. I told her what just happened to me and she freaked out and went dramatic over the phone about this and that…

I wanted to tell her that I did not think I was going to make the Christmas Eve party because I did not want to see some boring same ole relatives, but that I would stop by on Christmas day. I didn’t as I knew what she would say and did not have the energy for another long argument with her. So I faked bad cell reception and hung up on her.

I stopped by Sal’s Fat Burger restaurant on my way home and woofed down a big juicy burger with an iced cold beer for the evening to celebrate my good luck today.

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