Katrina Jones Is A Bitch 3D Modeling Job (Week 5)

Katrina Jones Is A Bitch 3D Modeling Job (Week 5)

“Katrina Jones is a Bitch!” That is what she said while staring right into my eyes. She is a salty little twat. Being that I am getting older, I wasn’t so sure what “salty” meant anymore as in “Don’t get all salty on me!” which I deciphered in the old sailor meaning of dirty talking, but actually it means having lots of (bad) attitude. So what did she do? I asked. “I just want you to create a 3D model of her but make her look really awful” was Sarah’s response.

She said she did not have any photos of Katrina but she would schedule an appointment for me to meet with her to take the photos. So I arrived at Sarah’s office on Tuesday as planned. I met with Sarah in the lobby. She was the supervisor and had been tasked with creating a print AD showcasing their line of salty packaged potato chips. Apparently to her dismay the bosses had selected Katrina Jones an employee that reports directly to Sarah to be the face of the company for the Advert. “Come with me please” said Sarah. The bitch Katrina is waiting for us. Now I must say that sounded really weird and not the least bit professional but I followed her.

As we walked into the conference room, I saw perhaps one of the finest girls I had seen in a longtime. I mean she was the type of girl that you only saw on TV or in a glossy upscale magazine. She was so beautiful that I was speechless for a minute. I only came back to my senses upon hearing the rough staccato voice of Sarah introducing me to Katrina Jones.

Katrina was wearing red high heels stiletto shoes with a nice skirt just above her knees and a nice button down shirt with the top most button open just enough to see the beginnings of her breast cleavage.  As she turned around to take a seat, I saw her nice booty popping out. I know, I am supposed to be writing professionally on this blog but she was “mofo” beautiful.

Anyway, I took my seat and told her that I needed to take some pictures of her with their product lines so that I could create a 3d model for their print AD campaign. She then asked me a series of questions ranging from what a 3d model was and how do I create 3d models but best of all how nice it was to be such a talented and creative guy. By that time I must confess, I was feeling pretty good about myself and wondering why Sarah did not like such a wonderful person like Katrina.

As the meeting came to an end I slipped her my business card and asked her to call me so that perhaps I could teach her how to create a 3d model. She smiled brightly at me and said if I was asking her out on a date in a business meeting disguise? To which I said I guess so.

We met on Thursday evening for dinner at a restaurant she had selected and again she was looking really glamorous. I asked her if she had any issues with Sarah and she said not really. Sarah was just a jealous person. I said to her “what do you mean?” She said “Oh well the thing is that she was dating Sarah’s ex-husband who had divorced Sarah to be with her. But the thing was that she had now broken up with him and was not sure what the big deal was anyway.”  So I said to her “Do you mean to tell me that you stole her husband from her and dumped him afterwards?” She laughed and said “I guess so if I had to say it that bluntly.

Before the dinner was over, about three different guys stopped by our table to say hi to her. Each time she explained away each guy as an old friend, ex boyfriend and the last one as an ex husband she had been married to for just 6 months.  As we were leaving the restaurant a woman came up to us and yelled BITCH! in her face and had to be restrained by the guy she was with from attacking Katrina Jones.  By then I was beyond shock, all through the drama, Katrina remained calm, beautiful and kept a radiant smile. That is when I realized that Katrina Jones was truly a sophisticated bitch and so I asked her out on another date.

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