The Market Of 3D Models

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The Market Of 3D Models

There is a vast market for the sale of 3D models, textures which can be applied to the surface of these 3D models and scripts to perform applications within the 3D modeling programs. Forums, marketplaces and websites exist for the sole purpose of connection 3D modelers with those that want to purchase the 3D models for video games, films and other creative projects, and designs.

There are many ways that the modeler can create multiple profits from the creation of one 3D model. By selling the same model to multiple customers for this variety of purposes, artists are able to earn more money for each model that has been created in the past. Not only do the artists benefit from this venture, but the companies as well, as pre-made content is quicker to purchase, as it doesn’t have to enter the creation process, and comes at a lower price! The customer is allowed to use the model, but the artist retains the rights to the model, therefore the fee being paid to the artist is for usage, rather than purpose.

Many times, an artist will create a collection of 3D models of a similar theme, such as items found within a home, or items pertaining to vehicle construction. These collections are than sold as a set, on a CD or within a database of 3D models. These can lead to ongoing employment with clients requesting additional series for use in upcoming projects. After the client purchases the disc of 3D models they are able to upload the series into their database or animation programs to finally implement into the project.

Markets which purchase these discs range from computer video games, and other video game platforms, animated films, and computer generated graphics for design firms, and real estate. For this reason, artists have ongoing work – so long as there are being projects created!