Mr Tapia – The Nasty 3d Director (Week 13)

Mr Tapia – The Nasty 3d Director (Week 13)

I met Mr. Tapia last weekend at a friends wedding. He was sitting on the same table with me and so we got talking. I discovered that he was a 3d Art Director at a production studio in Hollywood. We exchanged business cards and I setup an appointment to meet with him on Tuesday for lunch at his office.

I arrived at his office early for lunch and decided to use the restroom while the receptionist paged him. While using the bathroom, I could hear someone in the toilet stalls farting, grunting and groaning while doing a number 2…euw.  After I had just finished washing my hands and was using the air dryer, the toilet stall opened up and Mr. Tapia stepped out and saw me and exclaimed kinda loudly “Hey! Jon Max…how are you doing?” He extended his hands out in a hand shake gesture. For a couple of seconds, I hesitated not sure what to do. Do I shake the hands of a man who just finished using the toilet and had not yet washed his hands?

In order not to embarrass my lunch host, I shook his hands and then wondered how I was going to rewash my hands without upsetting him.  But to my amazement, Mr. Tapia walked out of the restroom without even bothering to wash his hands…saying that he would meet me in the lobby in a few minutes as he had to grab his car keys from his office so we could drive over to Eli’s Steak and Fries restaurant for lunch.

I got into his car and noticed a stale smell and then something started poking on my butt.  So I reached down to see what it was and discovered it was stale French fries. Mr. Tapia saw what had happened to me and laughed profusely at the fact that I sat on his left over French fries on the passenger seat. I was not sure what to make of it and what was so funny anyway? As we pulled out of his office parking structure, I noticed the amount of junk and trash in his car. There was leftover fast food wrappings, empty soda bottles, a bunch of files on the back seat and the car smelled like an ash tray… I mean this was the car of a very filthy man.

We arrived at the restaurant and he ordered enthusiastically for both of us claiming that he was somewhat of a food connoisseur. Since he was paying for it, I let him do all the ordering.  He then ordered a double shot of Vodka to go with his lunch. I asked if he was not going to be returning to the office after lunch. He laughed again in a thunderous loud voice saying “You’re so funny Jon Max Ha Ha Ha…!”

I also noticed that he picked his nose quite a bit and had a rough smoker’s type cough. He was a smallish man and was grossly overweight with a balding hair line. He had deep protruding eyes and stubby sweaty fingers..gross!. His dish arrived before mine and he just started eating without even waiting for mine to arrive.  Then I witness one of the most horrific “hygienic malpractice” ever. Mr. Tapia reached out to pick his nose and I noticed dried up mucus fall from his nose into his plate of chili beans. Without missing a beat he scooped it up with his spoon and ate it. At that point I almost threw up. I was speechless.  I lost the little appetite I had left. Besides, being that I was now on a strict diet thanks to Shelly my new personal trainer there was no way I was going to eat now with this very nasty man.

I mentioned to him that I was not feeling very hungry and might just have my meal bagged up to go… but before I could finish my statement he reached his hands into my plate of fries saying “I hope you don’t mine if I nibbled on some of your fries.” Then let out another crazy cough induced husky laughter as he chewed on my fries.

He loosened his belt buckle along the way, downed two more glasses of Vodka and excused himself for a minute. He came back after about 10 minutes saying how he had to take a big dump after such a heavy meal. When the bill arrived, he paid for it using his corporate Amex card. He asked me for the complete spelling of my name so he could enter it in his business expense report when he got back into the office as their new corporate policy was to provide the name of each business customer he takes out to lunch.  That is when it dawned on me why he had invited me for lunch. He was simply using me to get a free meal under his company’s expense. What a nasty jerk!

We got into his car and he smoked all the way back to his office blowing cigarette smoke into my face. When we got back to his office he shook my hands in the parking lot saying “Thanks for stopping by Jon Max, I really had a great lunch with you.”  Then he let out another of his crazy laughters as he wobbled away disappearing into his office building.

As I got in my car to drive home, I realized that I had not even had the chance to discuss anything pertaining to seeking 3d modeling jobs with Mr. Tapia…the nasty 3D Art Director.

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