Open Beta of finalRender for Maya

Open Beta of finalRender for Maya

Cebas Visual Technology has launched an open beta of finalRender for Maya. Let’s have a look at the tool.

The toolkit introduces a new solution called BuildingBlocks which is basically a new approach to physically based shader creation in Maya, based on the raytracing core of finalRender for Maya. “Building Blocks breaks down shaders to their very core and allows unlimited shader components, which are stacked on top of each other, to simulate real-world properties of nearly every kind of material surface. finalRender for Maya incorporates the multi-core technologies and enhancements which leverage existing and future Hardware investments,” states the team.

finalRender for Maya Features


  • Windows 64 Bit/Multi Core
  • Many dedicated ready to render finalRender Materials
  • Photometric and Real Area Lights

Network Rendering

  • True Distributed Network Rendering
  • Standard Network Farm-Rendering through batch rendering is supported

Art by Justin Grant


  • Real world Physical Camera Exposure Model
  • Multiple Real World Cameras to choose from

Lights & Shaders

  • Advanced Caustic Rendering Effects
  • Highly Optimized Multi Layered Skin Shader
  • Maya Shading Network support

You can learn more about the tool here.