PlastiSketch Allows To Create Sculpted 3D Objects Using Vectors

PlastiSketch Allows To Create Sculpted 3D Objects Using Vectors

PlastiSketch offers another technique for 3D modeling that is an alternative option to well-known tools. It is intended for those that want to make sculpted 3D objects, yet do not have the creative artfulness required by the likes of Zbrush and Blender.

In clarifying his new creation, PlastiSketch, Marcel Urbanek additionally depicts his own disappointment with 3D sculpting software. “I am totally unable to produce acceptable artistic output”. However, as he thinks himself a skilled vector graphics artist, he decided to develop a tool that meets him in the middle — taking what he knows well (2D vectors), and interpolating to form a 3D model.

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As of now an in-browser application, Urbanek worked during a spare time to finish the prototype PlastiSketch. It depends on open-source graphical plugins paperjs, threejs and others. The beta version of PlastiSketch is accessible online for free.

PlastiSketch 3D modeling Tool

Urbanek describes the concept as a “reverse-MRT for 3D objects“. To create a 3D design you draw vector graphics that each represent one slice of the 3D object. Depending on the complexity of the object you wish to design, this may vary between two (the minimum number) and, say, half a dozen. You then fine-tune the design by specifying the distance between the slices. A preview of the design is displayed on the right of the program.