How To Profit From 3D Model Creation

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How To Profit From 3D Model Creation

A single 3D model can demand thousands of dollars in profit when sold to graphics or design companies. For a 3D model to command such a high price it must be highly accurate and lifelike.
Creating polygonal models has shown to be more profitable than creating other types of 3D models such as b-spline or NURBs 3D models. This being said, many buyers of 3D models take into account that NURBs models can be transitioned into polygonal models, but it is not possible to create a NURB model from a polygonal 3D model.

There are high market values for models that are lifelike – whether they are human models, organ models or models of household items or furniture. These 3D models are necessary within video games and other animations.

These lifelike models can take extensive periods of time to complete and therefore it is important to focus on specific aspects of the model. For example, when making a model of a popular vehicle, create the exterior of the vehicle first, but overlook parts of the vehicle that are not going to be required – such as the engine, or trunk.

In order for the artist to reach high earnings levels they must have an eye for detail and the know-how, and skill to create these highly specialized 3D models. Detail and versatility are the keys to selling designs in the 3D model business. When companies purchase models for thousands of dollars, they expect the models to transition into different formats with ease. Creating models that can transition easily yields more income than a static 3D model.
For these reasons, details such as texture should be avoided as many companies employ individuals that can add on this texture. As well, when an artist adds texture to a 3D model it can make the model hard to transition into other forms.