Right Brain 3D Artists Are Geniuses

Right Brain 3D Artists Are Geniuses

The right side of our brain is our creativity center. In addition to things like artistic creativity, this is the intuitive part of our brain. It is where problem solving happens. In genius brains, this part of the brain is also believed to be more honed than in normal brains. It tends to be less compartmentalized in geniuses than in other brains.

Studies have revealed that 3D Artist like you have more developed right side of the brain Could this mean that 3D artist are geniuses?


In the case of a brain, size may matter. Recent scientific reports show that Einstein’s parietal lobes were much larger than average. The parietal lobes are paired lobes in our brains located at the top of the head. They are most closely associated with the reception of sensory information and mathematics. They are also responsible for how we process our environments visuospatially; that is, our ability to gauge the relative amount of distance across a room, object or a field of vision. Something 3D artist are naturally good at.

The notion that the size of a brain may be a determining factor in the level of intelligence and potential genius pre-dates Einstein, though. Phrenologists had their hands full with cranial bumps in the 19th century. It was less of a science at this time and, obviously, much less precise in a time before PET scans and EEG machines. However, it wasn’t unusual for those of wealth and influence to have their heads measured by craniometers to show off their “intelligence.” It is perhaps still difficult to measure the actual size of a 3D artist brain without getting in their head but it is suffice to say that the evidence points to the fact that 3D artist have a larger brain size.